How To Adjust The Asylum Jump Rope

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How To Adjust The Asylum Jump Rope

After yesterday’s Athletic Performance Assessment, I remembered that the jump rope was long enough for guys like Mark Briggs, so I wanted to shorten the jump rope before I started today’s Speed & Agility workout, but could not figure out how to move the anchors at the end of each end of the rope. I searched and found this speed jump rope instruction guide from Beachbody.


I also added this 60 second video to show how the two part plastic anchor works:

Leave some rope beyond the anchor when you cut the excess just incase you want to make the jump rope a bit longer later on.

Ceiling Height:

Some have been able to do squat jump roping with 8′ ceilings, yet 9′ ceilings are a minimum for those up to 6 feet tall.


If you need to lubricate the anchors, avoid petroleum based products like WD-4o and instead opt for silicon lubricants.

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