How To: Beachbody Multi Level Marketing

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How to maximize your multi level marketing team by strategic placement of Beachbody coaches in your downline:

The Beachbody Multi Level system only allows two coaches to be placed under each coach.  This helps to ensure that as many downline coaches as possible benefit from your support.  A common question from new coaches is “How do I decide where to place my coaches as my organization grows?”

In the two examples below I illustrate how placing Beachbody coaches on the outside legs of your multi level organization can significantly increase the number of coaches that benefit from the resulting sales which is called Team Volume.

In both examples below I assume that  2 out of the 10 personally sponsored beach body coaches produce most of the volume.  Number 8 and 9 (PS-8 & PS-9) become your top Beachbody coaches.  This is just an hypothetical example, yet 2 out of 10 coaches is reasonable given only 15% of Beachbody’s 77,000 coaches take advantage of the bonus structure.

The inside leg placement in Example A results in only 5 coaches benefiting from the volume produced by PS-8 and PS-9.  4 of the coaches that benefited were personally sponsored and one was from an up-line placement.

The outside leg placement in Example B results in 17 coaches benefiting from the volume produced by PS-8 and PS-9.  Of which, 7 are personally sponsored, 6 are up-line placements and 4 are from your down-line coaches.

While the volume benefit to the 17 coaches is only on a single ‘outside’ leg, it can inspire each coach to build their business because they only need to produce half of that volume on their other ‘inside’ leg to take full advantage of the larger outside leg volume.  (This is related to the Beachbody 2-1 formula used in it’s bonus structure)

UP = A Coach Personally Sponsored by an Up-Line Coach and Placed in Your Organization.
PS-# = Your Personally Sponsored Coaches 1 through 10.
Down = Coaches Sponsored by Any Coach in Your Down-line.

Example A: Inside placement used in attempt to balance the placement of coaches sponsored by up-line coaches on both sides of personally sponsored coaches.

Inside Coach Placement


Example B: Outside placement used in attempt to maximize the number of coaches that benefit from the placement of coaches sponsored by up-line coaches.  This placement maximizes your Beachbody multi level marketing team.

Placing Beachbody Coaches on Outside Legs

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