Today is the Day

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Today is the Day


So today is the day.  Not a particularly special day in any way.  It is actually excessively grey and dull.  Not hot or freezing. A dark morning with drizzle and neighborhood trash all wheeled out to the curbs.  It is, however, the day I put a stake in the ground and declare my basic training for life  (and Beachbody coaching) as complete and begin “The Sequel” to my life as kids head off to college.

This marks the end of waiting up at night for their early morning arrivals. No more Friday Night Lights. Traveling for soccer tournaments has disappeared within thousands of miles of exhaust fumes.  The round black and white balls have turned to black ink on thin white loan documents.

This will entail serious attention to daily routines.  Some are in motion and just need to be maintained, while others will be difficult to start and to ultimately turn into habit.

There is no doubt that the process will require moments of sadness, loss of comfort, and even anger towards past events followed by mild depression:  “What’s the point?”  “Why do all this if I can’t enjoy my everyday life anyway?” “Why Bother?”

The key to success will be gaining satisfaction from the consistent daily completions of activities I believe to be the best actions that can be taken on that day to move toward my current goals.  Each day the necessary feedback and adjustments must be made to maintain that critical belief and thus continue to gain satisfaction. The risk for me is focusing solely on being happy when I reach a goal. In the past, I have not been truly “happier” after big vacations, financial gains, a significant tennis victory or academic achievement.  I often stopped my successful and satisfying routines and rested as the positive feelings eroded and I lost all previous progress and momentum.  A great victory or accomplishment has even, on occasion, lead to a lower plateau than where I started.

So this time around, I am seeking a different victory.  My prize will be completion of small seemingly “insignificant” actions on a daily basis, and if I fail or succeed to reach goals along the way, I will not treat the result as more important than a great or disappointing movie, for I will find my pleasure, my passion, and my satisfaction in the consistent execution of action upon action in my ever evolving journey.

Completing these best known goal oriented actions breeds pride and joy regardless of the outcomes.  I will continue to complete additional rounds of these same or modified “insignificant,” yet life changing, moments and will bathe in the warm currents of my follow through.  I will lay in bed at night and feel the power of completion cover my skin like a soft Zoeppritz blanket.

As I see an ice cream container that remains unopened in the freezer next to Heidi’s best chocolate chip cookies, I will grin as I close the door with a fire in my soul warming the ocean in my heart that fills my veins with limitless power as my spirit willingly accepts the blinding awareness of this grand momentum.

My completions each day will exist within borders and, on days that are filled with unexpected hardship, I will complete the “completable,” then rest and begin anew.

Many years ago, my former business partner returned to his powdered metal encrusted desk in the middle of his chemo treatments tired and weakened.  His wife had to come pull him away to get home and rest.  Why was pounding out one more customer quote a cherished moment at such a critical time in his life?  What is the draw to our long-standing routines?  Without an answer, I simply acknowledge the human draw to the routine.

I crave a grand quest and I declare that fact today.  The daily steps within my life are to be changed ever so strategically to reflect what I believe I ‘should’ be doing for my business goals and our society. This will be a daily routine that makes me proud to enact.  These refined daily ‘insignificant actions’ will require sacrifice, and they will define my life.  These daily actions will be constantly honed to ensure a best possible trajectory and ultimately, though uncomfortable at first, they will be the things I crave to do as I near my own end.

I will be calling on clients to offer my skills, my latest app or product. This will fuel me. The many uninterested will not drain me.

I will be learning new skills everyday relishing the youthful feeling of being a student of life.

I will be exercising for daily mental fuel and developing skills to know the satisfaction being properly prepared for battle.  I expect this enhanced preparation will lead to more routine victories, and thus, the sport of battle may offer less intensity.  The satisfaction, however, will come in creatively modifying my preparation to reach the next level of competition and relishing in its daily completion.

Am I delusional to believe I can find my life’s passion, purpose and true victory in daily “insignificant” tasks and practice?  Perhaps. I wish I could ask my former business partner more on this subject.

Rose or otherwise hue colored, this is my charter, my path, my first step.  Though these are just words of a moment… it is now time for action.

Today is the day!


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