What is P90X? (AKA PX90)

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What is P90X? (AKA PX90)

P90X is the exercise program that changed my life at the age of 45.

About the time my 83-year-old father was trying to build muscle once again, I was introduced to P90X.  My father was frustrated with the difficulty he was having building muscle.  He told me, in no uncertain terms, to build my muscle while I had the chance.

P90X is a uniquely holistic extreme fitness program performed at home or at a gym with your iPhone or workbook.  The secret to P90X is that each workout is double the effort most Americans have ever put into their workouts and each is designed to address issues created by the previous workout while preparing you for the next workout.  I have always stopped my previous attempts to change my body composition, yet this sequential program worked for me, and I have completed three rounds of P90X in the past 2 years.  My prize is feeling my triceps now bump into the door jams as I walk through.

Read this recent WSJ article explaining the P90X phenomena: Wall Street Journal on Tony Horton and P90X

Here is a summary of the P90X routine:

1. Chest and Back is the first, and to this day, one of the most intimidating workouts.  I initially used large books as barbels and squeezed my fingers into the door jams to attempt pull ups.

2. I moved on to Plyometrics and began to experience the exercise endorphins from the intensity of the hour-long routine.

3. Shoulders and Arms were next and I suddenly understood my upper body was under developed because my previous workouts were half long at half the intensity.

4. Then 90 minutes of Yoga kicked my ass!

5. Legs and back took me into the reality that pull ups will be a major part of my future.

6. Finally the Kenpo karate loosened my hamstrings and upper back to finish the intense week.

7. X-Stretch was largely ignored early on until I realized how important that 7th day was to the program.

This 1st phase lasts for 3 weeks followed by a week “off” which is anything but a break. The off week has a demanding “core synergistics” workout combined with the Kenpo and Yoga workouts. The change is designed to confuse your muscles.

The “Muscle Confusion” prepares your body to take another step forward in the 2nd phase which replaces the “chest and back” and “Shoulders and Arms” with alternative intense upper body workouts to further coax your muscles to continue growing. This 2nd phase also lasts for 3 weeks before another “off” week.

The 3rd and final phase alternates between the 1st and 2nd strength phases for 4 weeks followed by a final “off” week.

Each and every workout fueled my mind, my soul and my future.


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