Why I’m Thrilled About the $1 Increase in Beachbody’s Coach Business Service Fee

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Why I’m Thrilled About the $1 Increase in Beachbody’s Coach Business Service Fee

Many of you already know the various reasons why I became a Beachbody coach.  Of all the benefits, investing in personal development has become one of the most valuable assets I’ve received from my short association with Team Beachbody coaching.

In our national coach call this morning, I heard today from one of my favorite success authors, Darren Hardy, that Beachbody has partnered with Success.com to enable a cutting edge personal development portal that is to be called “Success on Demand.”

What is Success on Demand?
Starting tomorrow, April 17th, Beachbody coaches will have full access to the largest online personal development library, with contributors that read like a who’s who of the business world. All coaches will benefit from invaluable content within SUCCESS magazine, PLUS get a robust archive of past articles, audio, video, and book summaries. Coaches will learn key business techniques like managing your time, overcoming obstacles, and becoming a more effective leaders.  I expect it to take me all of 2012 to digest the information that will now be available!

Success on Demand typically costs $35 per year, and as far as I’m concerned, my coaching fees related to Beachbody back office functions have just been reduced by $23 per year because I was considering subscribing to this content anyway. Beachbody has added this upgrade cost to our Business Service Fee, so starting May 1st, coaches will pay $15.95 per month instead of $14.95. In case you’re wondering what else is covered in our Business Service Fee, we receive three Coach marketing Web sites, reporting and sales tools in the Coach Online Office, as well as the a remarkably effective Coach Training Academy!

* Photo Credit: http://www.success.com/articles/1622-my-business-is-on-twitter-and-facebook-now-what

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